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Gabrielle Coco Chanel
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Rent-a-designer for a day

  • You would like to increase the value of your property?
  • You bought a property and furnished it?
  • You are selling or leasing?
  • Buyers or renters come, look, but move on?
  • Why?
  • Something must be missing!

Don’t struggle to fill the gap yourself. Leave it to the experts!

In only 24 hours, ELITE interior designers can ready your apartment, house, or office for leasing or selling.

Using your current furnishings or new. ELITE’s experts can enhance the beauty and desirability of your home or office property, giving it the charm, grace and lush comfort of romantic Old-World design, the chic appeal of modern elegance or even contemporary sophistication with a touch of times gone by.

Coco Chanel knew: Beauty combined with comfort sells!

"Placing the bed on a forty-five-degree angle enabled me to give my client a beautiful view and a more spacious room."
Interior design by Sally Sirkin Lewis published in the Architectural Digest.
Look at these two bathrooms: the first one is elegant, no doubt, but it looks like something is missing. Add flaunting drapery, pictures you enjoy, flowers you like and soft, smug cushy towels, maybe a clock, a basket or other details of your choice. What a difference, isn’t it?
Interior design by Victoria Jenkins published in Decorating Den.